Building Dynamic Reading Comprehension Course

Take the mystery out of highly effective reading comprehension, with this proven effective approach.

Read faster as a result.

Need advice? Eliminate needing to re-read. Based on years of solid research and practice, this course will re-shape your approach to even the most difficult material.


Learning Objectives Include:

Develop a better understanding of reading comprehension and how to build it.
Learn to read for a defined purpose.
Read with a more flexible approach to satisfy your comprehension needs.
Learn and apply the four stages and levels of dynamic reading comprehension.
Understand and identify the different levels of information in written documents.
Use a multi-pass approach to satisfy for reading purpose.
Apply critical thinking skills to reading for more depth comprehension when needed.
Understand and apply a “time management” system to various types of reading material.
Learn to apply the multi-pass approach to master depth reading.
Learn how to deal with unfamiliar vocabulary.

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Urology hospital near me

Our single mission is to deliver unparalleled comprehensive state-of-the art compassionate urologic care. We hope that you’ll take the time to explore our newly revised website which we hope our patients will use as a resource and guide to common urologic problems. We certainly encourage our patients to inquire about our many services and look forward to the many new patients we will care for in 2008 and beyond!

Many patients, at one time or another will come to rely upon the most famous Urology hospital in chennai.  Some of the conditions that typically prompt this introduction by  include:

  • The man whose ability to obtain or maintain an erection is now clearly in the “ED” range and he needs help,
  • The man with an enlarged prostate or BPH causing difficulty with urination and he needs the best treatment with the lowest possible complication risk,
  • The man with “low T” or Hypogonadism whose sex drive is diminished and whose waistline has expanded,
  • The man who has decided that Vasectomy is the right family-planning choice and that the No-scalpel Vasectomy is the only way to go,
  • The sexually active man concerned about herpes genitalia, chlamydia, HPV or genital warts or other STDs
  • The patient who is suddenly stricken with a Kidney Stone attack and desires the absolute best and necessary care to get him through this painful episode,
  • The man was told by his primary care doctor that his PSA is elevated and he wants to make sure that he receives the absolute best information and care tailored to his needs and desires,



Foundation Repair at your call

Leveling & Stabilizing of Residential Houses and Commercial Structures

— Concrete Slabs & Conventionals —

Specialized in Pressure Grouting Under Slabs

Sometimes voids under the slab are discovered or created in the affected area when lifting the foundation slab, at which time we will pressure fill the voids with grout, significantly improving the uniform support of the structure. For superior quality concrete slab repair, the voids must be pumped and filled with soil, cement and/or grout, providing solid support for the concrete slab floor. This step prevents an area of the floor from collapsing later, causing significant structural damage to the floor’s integrity of a concrete slab home or structure.


Four inch ( 4″ ) thick concrete floors of the common house slab are intended to rest on solid material and soils with no voids present, hence the need for pumping. Instead of leaving parts of the slab in mid air, we fill these voids, complimenting and completing the support of the slab. We also pump slabs that have been repaired by other companies that did not pump the voids. Concrete raising Frankfort IL Technicians in all phases of Concrete Slab and Conventional Foundation Repairs, including rotted wood replacement, termite damage repair to the floor structure of your home, crawl space ventilation correction and water control French Drain installation.