Water damage Greensboro NC

We live in a new era. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that water damage was irreversible. However, thanks to innovations in technology, nothing is beyond saving. As long as you use certified technicians flood restoration isn’t a hard process anymore. The only tricky part is finding the right technicians.


Most people aren’t aware that Water damage Greensboro NC is an area of profession, which is performed by licensed professionals. For this reason, you want the company you choose to be licensed and have all the proper credentials. Plus, all the techniques used to restore the damage are techniques only licensed professionals know how to do. However, it’s important to remember these techniques only work if they’re used within the first 48 hours. So, if you wait any longer, it will become hard to restore your items back to normal. You should also be made aware of the different methods your professional will use.

Some of the methods used for restoration are amazing. One of these methods is freeze drying, which is the freezing of damaged items before any signs of serious damage take place. After the freezing process is finished, the items are then re-heated, which allows all the excess water to evaporate. And, your team of professionals will dry out the wet area as best they can, and they’ll commence the de-contamination process. Another process they’ll do is prevention of mold formation, which is a major problem with water damage. This way you’re sure no mold will grow inside of your home.

What Is Freezer Burn

What exactly is freezer burn and can we prevent it?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what exactly freezer burn is. According to Wikipedia, freezer burn is a condition that occurs when frozen food has been damaged by dehydration and oxidation due to air reaching the food. Well, unfortunately that is not accurate. And here’s why. When they say air by implication they are talking about moisture. The assumption being that when you see ice crystals on the food its from moisture getting into the food. The problem with that is, refrigeration systems are designed to remove moisture. Your freezer is actually a very dry place.

Most people use freezer bags made of plastic to store food in their freezer. In fact, if you take something out of the freezer and try to thaw it out, you’ll put it in hot water to try and accelerate the thawing process. But does the bag fill up with water? Does air or moisture migrate into the bag? The fact is air can’t pass through a typical plastic bag. Otherwise we wouldn’t need warning labels on plastic bags that say keep away from children, this is not a toy.


Frozen food manufacturers go to great lengths to displace any air or moisture inside the plastic bag where they put the food. In fact, in the packaging process at the very end of the line, just before the bag is sealed, a shot of dry food grade nitrogen is shot into the bag to displace any air and the bag is sealed. And even that does not prevent freezer burn. Take a look at the picture of some frozen food that was in my freezer for an extended length of time. The bag was never opened and even though the bag is still full of dry nitrogen, you can see extensive freezer burn has taken place.

Good heating air conditioning Charlotte NC

You’re a ballet artist who as of late wedded a lovely young lady in your troupe. Your new dad in-law, a road astute manslaughter investigator, is visiting for the absolute first time. You presume he subtly harbors hesitations about his “Little Miss Splendid” wedding a person who performs battements tendus and battements frappés throughout the day.

In addition, only hours under the steady gaze of your in-laws’ planned landing, your water heating appliance startlingly goes done for. At the point when your young spouse kindly cautions Daddy, gunning the last stretch of an overwhelming 12-hour trip, the possibility of introducing another water heating appliance before he can even wash up sets off a minor blast. “For what reason can’t that tights-and-shoe wearing spouse of yours do it?” you hear him request over the speakerphone. “What is he? Some sort of [expletive deleted] charms?”

After the phone goes dead, your flawless spouse’s teeth are gabbing, her knees shaking wildly. Steadfast, you coolly report that, indeed, you will replace the water heating appliance yourself. All things considered, who needs an unhinged murder criminologist going around the house, very nearly a mental meltdown, essentially in light of the fact that he can’t scrub down?

What’s going on here?

A water heating appliance is the thirty to fifty gallon tank tactfully closeted in your kitchen, restroom, or some other very much hidden space.

After some time, water radiators wear out. More up to date models have amazingly delicate sensors to distinguish gas exhaust, which can likewise infrequently be forever harmed by Black Flag splashes and foggers you’ve utilized doing combating attacking multitudes of roaches. In either case, the warmer should be replaced immediately. That is, if tidiness and cleanliness rank high on your need list.

When you replace your heated water storage, you have two choices. The first is to take matters in your own masculine hands and do it without anyone’s help. The second alternative of employing heating air conditioning Charlotte NC is frequently increasingly judicious for people new to terms like wrench, woodwind (not the instrument), or thermoplastic.

Good Charlotte Roofing

Charlotte Roofing has been providing the NC area with a full range of residential, commercial and multi-family building roofing services since 1991. We are Fully Licensed, WorkSafe BC Covered, Insured and Warranted. We also provide emergency roof repair, maintenance and FREE estimates for all our services, which include:

Residential Roofing

Your home is an important investment and we want to help you protect it for the long-term. You can rely on Charlotte Roofing’s years of residential roofing experience and expert product knowledge to provide you sound advice when re roofing your home. We’re also just a phone call away should the unexpected happen and you require an emergency roof repair.


Commercial Roofing

You can feel confident knowing our team of licensed roofers is highly-experienced with all a variety of commercial roofing systems, and knowledgeable in recommending the roofing application best-suited for your building and roof type.


Condominium, Townhouse and Strata Roofing

We provide high quality roofing solutions for strata roofing projects and multi-family housing properties such as apartment building, condominiums, townhouses and complexes in the area. You can rely on our expertise and decades of industry experience in working with flat roofing systems, torch-on roofing, asphalt and laminate shingle roofing, and feel assured we can address all components and complexities of your strata roofing project. Our licensed team of roofers will get the job done on budget and on time.



Life Insurance – Can You Afford Not to Have Enough?

If you’re like a lot of people, the idea of spending 10 or 15 minutes reading about the importance of life insurance may not seem like the best way to spend your free time. But considering the life-changing role that it could play for young families, well-established older workers, and retirement-age Americans alike, life insurance really is a topic that should capture your imagination and inspire you to action.


First: A Family’s Financial Safety Net

Almost without exception, every young family should have life insurance coverage that will provide enough money to make up for a loss of income and to finance post-death expenses, such as funeral costs. For example, the proceeds from a life insurance policy can allow a surviving spouse, children, or other dependents to:

  • Continue to maintain the same standard of living
  • Purchase a home/pay off a mortgage
  • Repay other debts
  • Finance tuition costs
  • Supplement future retirement funding needs

Because there is no universal ground rule that establishes exactly how much coverage each family should have, you’ll need to conduct a life insurance needs analysis to determine your exact requirements. That involves identifying and quantifying all of the financial variables in your household, such as net earnings after taxes, daily and routine living expenses, outstanding debt, future tuition bills, and how much your surviving spouse might need for retirement. Ideally, you should have enough life insurance to cover all of those anticipated costs.

Next: Protecting Net Worth and Lifestyle

While the “young family” stage of life isn’t a permanent reality, the need for ongoing life insurance coverage usually is. Even older, more financially established couples and individuals could also potentially benefit from owning life insurance. Not only can a life insurance policy help protect your existing wealth and lifestyle, it could also enable you to accumulate additional tax-deferred assets.

Imagine, for a moment, that Jim and Carol are 50-year-old “empty nesters” with no young children, no mortgage, good jobs, and some (but not all) of the retirement savings they’ll need. Because they’re “peak earners,” they can afford to travel often to visit their grown children and also make charitable donations each year to support their favorite causes.

Does that mean they don’t need life insurance? Absolutely not. If either Jim or Carol died without coverage, the sudden lack of income may mean that the surviving spouse would be unable to retire on schedule, travel often to see family members, or support the community with charitable contributions.

On the other hand, owning life insurance could provide both Jim and Carol with lasting peace of mind, as well as the ability to accumulate additional tax-deferred savings (depending on the type of life insurance they choose).

Retirement and Insurance: A Good Match

Reaching the retirement (or preretirement) stage of life is another occasion that should probably prompt you to review your life insurance needs. Some people mistakenly think they don’t need life insurance if they’re widowed or without other financial dependents in their post-working years, but that type of thinking could prove to be short-sighted.

Even without the need for a death benefit to provide direct support to a loved one, the assets from a life insurance policy could allow your surviving family members to avoid selling off the assets you accumulated during life (real estate, investments, personal possessions, etc.). This sometimes needs to be done to pay federal estate taxes, which can be as high as 45% of the value of the assets you leave behind. Life insurance can also be used to build wealth for future generations or support charitable endeavors.

To learn more about how life insurance may potentially fit into your overall financial affairs, contact your financial advisor or insurance agent — no matter what you current situation may be so get additional reading.