Building Dynamic Reading Comprehension Course

Take the mystery out of highly effective reading comprehension, with this proven effective approach.

Read faster as a result.

Need advice? Eliminate needing to re-read. Based on years of solid research and practice, this course will re-shape your approach to even the most difficult material.


Learning Objectives Include:

Develop a better understanding of reading comprehension and how to build it.
Learn to read for a defined purpose.
Read with a more flexible approach to satisfy your comprehension needs.
Learn and apply the four stages and levels of dynamic reading comprehension.
Understand and identify the different levels of information in written documents.
Use a multi-pass approach to satisfy for reading purpose.
Apply critical thinking skills to reading for more depth comprehension when needed.
Understand and apply a “time management” system to various types of reading material.
Learn to apply the multi-pass approach to master depth reading.
Learn how to deal with unfamiliar vocabulary.

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