Personal Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting

Personal Web Hosting

      The Personal Web Hosting is mainly for an individual, bloggers or a person starting a small business. When a person starts a small business over online, then they will host their website in personal web hosting. Personal Web hosting is cheap and have limited resources when compared to Business Web Hosting.

          The people should choose the hosting plan based on the traffic to their websites. The Personal Web Hosting mainly suits to the websites having less traffic to their websites. There are some limitations in Personal Web Hosting because multiple websites sharing the same server.


Personal Web Hosting is like shared hosting where multiple websites sharing the same server. This means that all the resources of the shared server such as bandwidth, space, database, FTP accounts and Email accounts are shared by number of websites hosted by that particular server. At one particular time the server gets slow due to excess usage. Suppose If your websites drive high traffic, the websites gets down.

Business Web Hosting

     Business hosting                        Business Web Hosting is mainly for the business websites. If you planned to host your business websites you must choose Business Web Hosting. If you choose shared hosting for your business website you will not get enough resources. Here, it is not like shared hosting where you have some limitations. Reliability and better performance is very much important for business websites.

        Business Web Hosting is the upgraded version of Shared Web Hosting. Shared Web Hosting is very cheap and effective for small business but in case if you are getting more visitors to your website then you need to upgrade it. So for business websites, Business Web Hosting is better.

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