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“I have been Reading for four years. Before that, I read in fairs and boutiques to supplement my teaching income. I began using Tarot but during one memorable reading, I laid out the cards and 45 minutes later realized I had not looked at them even once. I began to experiment a little with reading “freestyle”, but always kept my cards nearby as a sort of safety net. Now I do not use cards (or any other tools such as runes or notes from previous calls with you) – just my Clairvoyance and Empathic gifts. I fly completely without a net.” Check out my new phone psychic readings blog

My Clairvoyant gifts really came into full bloom when I went through a Dark Night of the Soul, brought on by an extremely intense breakup, a broken foot, a job loss and (though I did not know it at the time) a dying of an old ego self. To help me deal with my pain and intense suffering, I did a ritual that lasted one moon cycle, from full moon to full moon, every night I sat down and tried to visualize the good I wanted to happen. I admit, that I was also desperate to get my relationship back, so I spent a lot of time conversing to my ex in my mind during the visualizations. Unbeknownst to me, this was my first experience of contacting a soul in Soul Space and communicating with it.

It was no more than a few weeks after this ritual ended that I called a Reader to ask about my chances of getting my man back and she told me that I was very Clairvoyant. I did not really know what that meant beyond the fact that it meant you were sort of psychic. She taught me a bit – I took to it like duck on water – and gave my first reading to her (in which I told her she was moving to two double-wide trailers during her renovation  – she had just found out about the trailers that day), that she had nine kids and other tidbits. I was on my way.

Since then, it has been a challenging but very rewarding road. I work when I wish, I have seen truth psychically that has surprised me so much, it almost scares me…and I get to help people find their best paths to joy. I am extremely thankful and love doing a super Reading! What a GREAT life!

Oh, and a final note: I am VERY bad with names, but VERY good with Souls. I will forget the name of the person you spoke about within 30 seconds and I frequently call folks by the wrong name on the call, but I can recognize a soul over a year later. So I apologize in advance.

~Client Feedback~
Incredible! First reading, and absolutely, unequivocally, one of the most accurate, homed-in, close to the bone readings I have ever had (and as she picked up, I call psychics way too much). I have some wonderful favorite advisors who have helped me a lot, but this reading really hit home. Jessa also came across as extremely ethical and worked to give clear advice on what she felt was most beneficial for me to know. It was phenomenal – everything that she touched on, she hit right on the head with accuracy, and her advice felt so right to me inwardly. She gave me several things to think about, things I can do to make my life better. I look forward to working with her!

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